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This American/ Swedish brand was initiated by Berard Ganmacher. Who came to New York in 1907. He was an employee at a garment factory where he met his future wife. Berard launched the official label of Gant in 1949. Gant was known for their dress shirts that had a back-collar button. Around 1960 Gant made a specific Yale shirt that was only sold on Yale University, and they got very famous because of that. Up till today, the brand still has a College League style. Around 1968 the Gant Brothers sold the company to Consolidated Food, but they were still part of the company. In 1974 they launched the first sportswear line. In the '80s, Pyramid Sportswear of Sweden was given the right to design and to expand the brand to markets outside the U.S. Therefore, the company is American / Swedish.

Gant is one of the largest en most well-known brands in men's fashion. You will find dress shirts, polo shirts, caps, sweaters, and pants. The timeless style of Gant represents many generations all over the world.

Gant Trousers and Chino's

Gant makes high-quality trousers, pants, and chinos for men. Gant makes their pants in classic designs with sophisticated fittings. But they do have a modern twist. It is always made with a zipper and multiple pockets, and there is a little bit of stretch added for high comfort. Because of the stretch, the pants will adjust to your body, giving you a nice look. Every season Gant offers, next to their primary colors, many other colors. The pants and chinos consist of 98% Cotton and 2% Elasthan. The sizes are American, made in inches. You can choose the waist size and the length size. So every man can find his perfect size.

Gant online at Suitable

The models Suitable has in stock are slim-fit models. Which means the fitting is slightly tighter on the calf. It offers enough space on the upper leg. Thanks to the fit it will make your leg look longer and slimmer. The chinos are easy to wear smart-casual. The perfect outfit when you don't need to dress up too formal but also not too casual. Combine a chino of Gant with a dress shirt and a blazer/jacket. If it is not dressy enough, you can add a tie or waistcoat and make sure you combine it with dress shoes. To keep it casual, you can wear the chino with sneakers and a loose-fitted sweater. When you have any more questions about the fitting, sizes, and models, you can always contact customer service. Suitable offers style coaches online that are available by phone and by chat.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to clean the chino's:
You can easily wash the chino's in the washing machine, make sure you don't choose a program with a high temperature, and don't add too much soap because that can influence the original color and make the chino pale.
What color should you choose:
All the colors of Gants Chino's are excellent. But we recommend you to choose carefully and advise you to go for the primary colors. Go for navy blue and khaki, because from there on you can combine endlessly.

Other great brands for chinos are Dockers pants, Alberto fashion pants or chino's from Atelier Gardeur

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