-  Wednesday, 9 January  |  Metty
Suitable Blazer Galway Royal Navy
We like to buy at [site name] And receive good and friendly help. This time online again Nice blazer, only the fabric was a bit disappointing. But the good fit won. AND very nice buttons. For the winter warmer summers, but it is almost spring We have already placed some orders.
  Thank you for your satisfaction with [site name]! We would of course like to see you again!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Friday, 21 December  |  Martijn
Suitable Blazer Galway Royal Navy
Very nice jacket this, received today and fits like a glove. Nice fabric and both sporty and chic to wear, especially for Christmas so very happy. The pocket square and the buttons finish it off. Nice and fast delivery too!
  Nice to hear Martijn! Enjoy your purchase and happy holidays!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • Dust
  • Wearing comfort
  • Color
 -  Sunday, 25 June  |  Cor
Suitable Travel Jacket
Ideal jacket to take with you everywhere. The light fabric that does not crease makes it chic for many occasions. Due to the stretch it fits perfectly, without it being too tight!
  Definitely a nice jacket Cor! We wish you lots of wearing pleasure.   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • Fit
  • Airy
 -  Monday, 24 February  |  Pieter
Suitable Blazer Fyn Navy
The picture of my purchase really shows a pocket square, only it was not included when the jacket was delivered. Fortunately, with another jacket that I ordered.
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 -  Friday, 26 January  |  Stephan
Suitable Travel Jacket
Wow what a beautiful blazer, just a pity that the size 54 was just a bit too tight, a pity that it is not available 1 size larger.
  That's a shame Stephan! Perhaps you can succeed in our new collection coming in these weeks? We are happy to help you search, if you like! :)   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Saturday, 6 March  |  Brouwer
Suitable Blazer Vero Camel
There is a tear in the fabric at the shoulder, hence the poor rating. Made an appointment to solve this problem.
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