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How are you feeling today: stripy, chequered, or bright yellow? Simply open your sock drawer and choose – express yourself, have fun. Happy Socks is on a mission to spread happiness with colorful socks.

History of the Happy Socks

It all started under a cloudy sky in April of late Swedish spring in 2008. Two friends, Viktor Tell and Mikael Söderlich, came up with an idea: spread happiness by turning an everyday object into a colorful piece of design.
Viktor Tell – creative director of Happy socks, worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for several years, inspired by colorful patterns and designs. He turned a simple and basic product into a color full and happy design piece. Mikael Söderlich, now CEO of Happy Socks, had worked in the advertising industry for 10 years. He wanted to build their brand for the worldwide market. Together they made Happy Socks a creative and successful story.


Their brand has grown to be available in over 35 countries worldwide, having multiple partnerships with resellers. The brand specializes in socks and underwear in bright colors. The socks are all unisex, and the underwear is made for men, women, and children. The most famous design is the sock with the colorful dotted pattern on a dark blue background. Next to their expanding product range, they have multiple collaborations, which results in limited editions with unique designs.


The socks are manufactured at a Turkish family-owned factory with over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry. All factories are following the International Labour Laws and standards of respectful working environments.

Quality of the Socks

Happy socks are products of high quality. The washing machine can wash all cheerful socks without the colors fading. The wool and Angora socks must be washed at 30 ° C. We recommend a washing temperature of 30 ° C for all Happy Socks. Avoid bleaching and ironing the socks. And although the Happy Socks are durable, they last longer if you don’t put them in the dryer. If you’ve bought a new pair of Happy Socks, please take a moment to check out the label.

Happy socks to buy

The most recognized products of Happy Socks are, of course, the colorful socks. Colorful socks recently became popular through the fashion world. With the ability to create countless combinations, these socks have opened up new and challenging fashion possibilities. All socks are unisex, and they come in various types; regular, athletic, dressed, compression, and soft wool. There are various gift boxes available to make Happy Socks a perfect gift.

Happy socks for man

Being a man sometimes feels a little limiting when it comes to fashion. Say goodbye to dull colors, minimum patterns, and null personality when you shop the sock and underwear collections at Happy Socks.
Limited edition
Get more happiness out of your wardrobe with Limited Edition. Happy Socks has paired up with some of the most creative brands and artists in the world: The Beatles, Andy Warhol, Disney, and more.
Happy socks “7days” gift box
Now every day of the week is cheerful with our “7 Days” gift box. Each pair has been chosen to reflect the mood of the day so you can build your day from scratch. The seven pairs of combed cotton socks come in a slim navy box with a brief description of why each style was chosen for that day.
Men’s Happy Socks Black & White Gift Box
This Gift Box from Happy Socks Black & White is the perfect gift. The box contains four pairs of socks, one size. A perfect gift for that friend who only wears two colors.

Happy Underwear

The Happy Socks boxers have the same happy patterns as the socks. By Suitable, you can order your happy, feel-good men’s boxers.
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