-  Wednesday, 26 August  |  Eric
Silk Tie Blue F02
A shirt I already bought needed a matching tie and pocket square. The pictures on the site are colorfast shown on arrival of the goods. A 1 on 1 combination in terms of color, very beautiful. Quality is okay. Delivery fast and free. 1 tie in my total order picked the wrong color by the order picker. No problem being able to exchange it effortlessly through the store and receive the correct one at home. All fine, right up to the communication about the status of the order.
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 -  Monday, 9 January  |  
Silk Tie Navy F35
beautiful silk tie in a dark blue color, suits many combinations.
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 -  Monday, 6 June  |  Albert
Kobalt Blue Tie 14a
very nice tie in the promised quality and color
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 -  Monday, 5 January  |  Jan
Silk Tie Navy F35
Beautiful tie at a reasonable price.
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 -  Monday, 20 March  |  John
Tie Silk Light Kobalt F19
Excellent tie
  What a nice compliment, thank you John!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • Clear / uncluttered site
  • Lots of choice

Buy Blue Neckties online

Blue Ties from Suitable are made of 100% Italian silk. The collection of blue ties from Suitable is very diverse: plain, striped or blue tie with a motif (design). A blue tie is a real must-have and should not be missing in your tie collection! A blue tie neat and business and can be very easily and well combined with a white shirt.

Dark blue ties

A dark blue tie is a color that is in demand. Not for nothing a favorite color of sellers and representatives. It is a solid color that inspires confidence. Dark and light blue colors are among the favorite colors of many Dutch men. Little dark blue is worn in South American countries. Thunder blue can provide security and a bit of distance, but also appear a bit dull and stiff.
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