-  Sunday, 21 February  |  Niels
Michaelis Shirt White SL7
Nice shirt, however, the stated dimensions and remark strongly fitted correct. I compared the sizes with an Olymp level 5 shirt, both collar size 38. Chest size both shirts is the same and waist is smaller at Olymp. Conclusion great shirt but just slightly fitted.
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  • Nicely finished
  • Dimensions are incorrect
  • Unfortunately no darts on the back
 -  Sunday, 18 October  |  Bart
Michaelis Shirt Poplin Scooter White SL7
Sleeve 7, always in white blue, or white or blue or blue or white... how happy a nice motif makes you feel, is simply not often in Sleeve 7. That's why I bought it and hell, happy with it, fit, quality...
  Nice to hear that you are so satisfied. Have fun wearing!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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Buy Shirt skinny fit online

The different fits available at Suitable, when it comes to shirts, range from very fitted to non- fitted and all the options in between. Although the choice of a certain fit mainly depends on the body shape, a certain occasion can also influence the choice. Is a jacket worn over it or not, is it for a formal moment or for leisure? For example, a strongly fitted shirt gives men a more businesslike look.

Stylish Skinny

The Skinny-Fit type is a fit that is tight. For a shirt this means a strong waist, so that it fits tightly around the body. This model is well suited for men with a slim build. A Skinny-Fit shirt accentuates a powerful silhouette and thus contributes to a neat, stylish look.

Differences within Skinny-Fit

Suitable offers a wide range of tailored shirts for men, with a variety of brands, materials, colors and prints. In this way, there is a suitable copy for everyone's preference. For example, for those who like a slim fit, but also enough room to move, a Skinny-Fit shirt made of a stretchy fabric can be the solution. While for a taller man, extra sleeve length is perhaps the most important thing about a tailored blouse. Men can always find the perfect shirt model at Suitable.

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