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NZA Polo LS Weheka Dark Green
Much too much money at the moment,,,,,,,,!!!??????
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Great Sweaters and Sweaters with pattern Striped at Suitable. You can easily purchase the Sweaters and Sweaters online or in a shop. Check through the stock information at the product information whether the relevant article is available at your nearest shop.

The Breton striped

The Breton striped comes from Brittany, France, where the locals spun yarn and produced shirts for the French navy. The 21 stripes on the jersey are an ode to Napoleon and his 21 heroic victories. A warm woolen variety was developed for the local sailors, who sailed to England with ships full of garlic in the 19th century. The iconic striped was an eye-catcher in the most literal sense of the word; a drowning man dressed in a Breton striped was easy to locate - and thus had an edge on the poor sloeb who sadly went overboard in a plain sweater.
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