Buy Polyester T-shirts Mens online

View our collection of polyester t shirts online. From Suitable we have created a range with the best quality-price ratio. We work with various brands such as Ecoalf, Bjorn Borg, Scotch and Soda and IZOD to offer the best offer.

The polyester shirt men can easily be worn under a shirt or sweater as an undershirt. An undershirt offers several unique properties, for example an undershirt provides extra warmth and wears more comfortably with a shirt and / or sweater. In addition to providing warmth and comfort, they also help prevent sweat stains and odors in your shirts and sweaters, an ideal solution to this common problem!


In the range of t shirts with polyester we offer different types of necks such as O-neck and V-neck, combined with different colors and sizes. The sizes go from size M to size XXL. The t shirts are available with different designs.


The t shirts are made in combination with the material polyester. Polyester has a number of properties that come in handy. For example, polyester is colourfast, so the items of clothing in your wardrobe remain beautiful for longer. In addition to the fact that polyester lasts a long time, it is wrinkle-free. Because it is a combination with another material, it is also breathable. Ideal addition to your wardrobe, not to be missed!

The t shirt can be combined casually with cool jeans or a neat chino, they are also suitable for use as an undershirt.
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