In short, cord, corduroy, corduroy, corduroy, corduroys and by Dutch, including the writer Gerard Reve who fantasized about boys in such work trousers, called pillow. The British claim, probably rightly so, that this ribbed velvet is better named after Manchester.
Rib pants
In this textile industrial city it was woven by machine on a large scale at an early stage. Corduroy is a fantasy name and not a corruption of the French cord (e) du roi (royal fabric). The French don't know that at all: they speak of velvet . Corduroy (with thin rib also called babycord or tinneroy) is a particularly comfortable fabric: ideal for tough corduroy pants and sturdy suits that last a long time, but quickly lose their shape. Great for leisure time in the country or a country look for leisure, but not as a business outfit. At most for a casual Friday or a casual business moment, provided the suit or corduroy is still tight in shape.
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