-  Monday, 22 July  |  Desirée
Suitable Gilet Kris Tolo Brown
Ordered online for the suprise party / wedding of my (now) husband. Fast delivery, beautiful quality, matched perfectly with the other (also secretly bought online) clothes. And in the end exactly the taste of my husband. So very happy with it!
  First of all, I would like to congratulate you. How great that you were able to surprise your husband in this way. Nice to read that the order is satisfactory. See you at [site name]   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Tuesday, 1 May  |  W.D.
Suitable Waistcoat Marzo Navy
Two orders were placed, the first was received the next day, with the second delivery, due to King's Day, extra effort had to be made to get it delivered before the weekend and we succeeded.
  Nice to hear that both orders arrived on time. Have fun with your purchases!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • Nice website.
  • Clear ordering rules.
  • Good quality / reasonable price.
 -  Wednesday, 13 September  |  Jan-cees
Suitable Casual Waistcoat Blue
good quality price ratio
  Thanks for the review! We wish you lots of fun wearing the waistcoat.   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • Met expectations
  • Unfortunately not allowed to tumble dry

Buy Men's Waistcoats and Vests online

Waistcoats for men used to be reserved for formal occasions such as weddings or as part of the white tie dress code. The men’s waistcoat also called a vest in American English, made its comeback as a fashion statement over the past seasons’ thanks to its newfound versatility. While formerly always part formal wear combined with a dress shirt, necktie, and suit jacket, nowadays a waistcoat can be worn in several ways: As an additional detail to an elegant suit or more casually in combination with a T-shirt or shirt. The waistcoat is a men’s classic that can upgrade a formal business look, but that’s suitable for the modern man as well.

How to Wear a Vest / Waistcoat

A waistcoat is an excellent way to boost your outfit with some smart-casual flair. Wear it in combination with a suit to create a classy three-piece ensemble, or create a smart casual outfit by layering it over a T-shirt or a buttoned shirt. A waistcoat for men is a simple yet versatile item to create various elegant looks. The shorter cut of the waistcoat and the fine fabrics’ quality make it unique and stylish. Instead of the standard three-piece suit style waistcoat, more casual options include knitted waistcoats and waistcoats with surprising patterns. Choose a classic look with a waistcoat in the same color as your trousers, or wear a contrasting color instead for a playful and modern effect. You can even wear waistcoats with jeans. Formal and casual waistcoats are available at Suitable in several fits and colors, from stylish and elegant to trendy and comfortable. Suitable has a waistcoat for every man and every moment.

Suitable Waistcoats

Founded in the Netherlands in 1996, the Suitable brand appropriately dresses the modern man for every moment. True to their aim, Suitable offers waistcoats, and vests for any occasion. The Suitable collection features a wide range of waistcoats to go with your smart outfits or to complete your formal look. With both solid colors or patterns in our collection, you can pair them with our matching jackets or create your stylish look. Browse through the different options from our private label line of Suitable waistcoats or check out the fashionable options from our casual brands below. Sizes range from 36-R to 46-R.

Suitable Wedding Waistcoat

Indispensable when you want to complete your formal day dress for a wedding, the Suitable Wedding Waistcoat is the most classic option to finish any men’s wedding outfit. Whether you’re the groom yourself or looking for matching vests for the groomsmen, any man will look the part with this Suitable men’s wedding waistcoat over a nice white shirt. If you’re the groom, pair it with a dark blue jacket and a tie to make an impression. The vest has a five-button front, regular fit, and adjustable strap on the back. It is available in cream white with a subtle checked pattern or off-white with a small herringbone design.

Suitable Kris Waistcoat

Suppose you’re looking for something less formal that you can wear with a chino or jeans, go for the Kris Waistcoat. Available in a wide range of solid colors with textured prints, the Kris Waistcoat pairs fantastically with a patterned blazer or shirt if you want to bring your outfit to the next level. It is easily combined with a white or light blue dress shirt for a simple yet classy appearance, available in navy, dark grey, camel, and indigo. The Suitable Kris Waistcoat has a four-button front and a three-pocket design.

Suitable Kris Serres Waistcoat

The Kris Serres updates the Suitable Kris Waistcoat’s textured design with more playful checked patterns. Wear it with a white dress shirt to make it pop or tone it down by wearing a solid-colored jacket or blazer over it. It has a classic four-button front and three pockets. You can adjust the back to your liking with a strap. Available in a small white, black and blue check or a more subtle navy check.

Suitable Kris Tolo Waistcoat

When you need a waistcoat for spring or summer, go for the Kris Tolo Waistcoat. The lighter shades of tan and light blue or perfect for a social event where you want to look nice, but it’s too warm for a jacket. It features a vibrantly patterned lining, a four-button front, and has three pockets. To make the vest more fitted, you can adjust it at the back with a strap. Perfect for a summer wedding or a day at the races, you can wear the Suitable Kris Tolo Waistcoat with a chino and dress shirt.

Suitable Marzo Waistcoat

The Suitable Marzo Waistcoat features a five-button front and three pockets. It is available in a refined grey or blue textured pattern. This is contrasted by dark buttons and a smooth navy blue lining. Thanks to the subtly mixed color palette, the Marzo waistcoat combines easily with almost any grey or blue blazer. Finish your outfit with a light chino and a pair of brown dress shoes to complete the look.

Suitable Fyn Waistcoat

Like the Kris Tolo Waistcoat but available in darker shades, the Suitable Fyn Waistcoat is perfect for fall and winter. You can pair it with a matching navy or forest green blazer, worn with a contrasting color, or as a stand-alone piece. The lining features a stylish brown ancient madder pattern, while the front is fastened with four buttons. The classic design in either navy or dark green is finished with three pockets.

Suitable Vero Waistcoat

Featuring a subtle check, the Vero waistcoat is available in navy or brown. It is finished with surprising details such as differently colored buttons and a colorful flower printed lining. This stylish waistcoat is sure to make an impression. The textured pattern makes it easy to combine with jeans or a chino for a well-groomed, smart casual look. Additionally, you can adjust the back with a strap for a more tailored fit.

Casual Waistcoats

If you’re looking for a less formal waistcoat that you don’t need to pair with a blazer or dress shirt, there are many versatile casual waistcoats out there that can be easily worn with a buttoned shirt or even a t-shirt but still make your outfit much more elegant. Suitable offers many top brands, so browse through their diverse collections below to find your new favorite casual waistcoat.

Blue Industry Waistcoats

Combining casual chic with American sportswear, Blue Industry is a Dutch men’s fashion brand based in Rotterdam. Their modern designs are defined by a unique style and a perfect fit. The fashionable Blue Industry waistcoats feature striking designs with some eye-catching details. Their textured blue waistcoat with lapels has two contrasting navy flap pockets and comes with a pocket square. The brown Blue Industry waistcoat features a navy vertical stripe and is made in a subtle herringbone pattern, while the stunning grey checked waistcoat shows hints of red and blue. Both are finished with a four-button front, three-pocket design, and a stylish patterned lining. The strap on the back allows you to adjust the fit to your liking.

Casa Moda Waistcoats

One of the largest producers of men’s fashion in Germany, Casa Moda is a casual brand that makes timeless men’s clothing with an athletic look. Their stylish knit waistcoat is comfortable to wear and is made from 100% cotton. Thanks to its textured design, this knit Casa Moda waistcoat looks great as an extra layer for a stylish fall/winter outfit. Available in dark grey and petrol blue, it pairs easily with most chinos and shirts.

Dstrezzed Waistcoats

Dstrezzed is a Dutch clothing brand made for the modern gentleman who values high quality and modern esthetics. They welcome you to their self-proclaimed ‘brotherhood of the modern gent’ through their versatile collections and competitive prices. Their waistcoats come in different prints and patterns. Go for the navy pinstripe waistcoat to add some classy flair to your outfit. With its notch lapels, five-button front, and three-pocket design, it will upgrade your look without having to wear a jacket. The dark green herringbone and yellow check waistcoats are easily combined with a shirt and chino for a cozy yet well-groomed fall/winter outfit.

No-Excess Waistcoats

Founded in 1988, No Excess is a Dutch clothing company based in Amsterdam that produces men’s clothes that are easy to wear and create an effortless look. Like Dstrezzed, their waistcoats feature a modern, stylish design in an easy to wear stretchy fabric. The No-Excess Unlin Waistcoat has a modest three-button front and is available in a burgundy pattern or a dark gingham check. Other three-button designs from No-Excess include a black checked waistcoat or a subtle navy textured waistcoat. If you prefer a four-button front, No-Excess has a blue textured waistcoat with contrasting yellow buttons and a decorative chest pocket with a pocket square.

Profuomo Waistcoats

Going back to a family-run business started in 1934, Profuomo brings classic Italian fashion to modernity. Their designs look elegantly timeless and have a luxurious feel, and their silk waistcoat is no different. With its off-white color and stylish paisley print, this Profuomo Silk Waistcoat will make you truly stand out. It is finished with two welt pockets and a five-pocket front. Perfect for weddings, Suitable offers a matching silk tie as well.

Scotch & Soda Waistcoats

Another Dutch company, Scotch & Soda founded in Amsterdam in 1985. Championing individuality and authenticity, the brand designs unique clothes that mix classic with contemporary. The elegant and stylish Scotch & Soda waistcoat comes in three varieties, all with a structured finish, two pockets, and a five-button front. The Scotch and Soda yarn-dyed waistcoat features an intricate check pattern. Go for orange, white, and black check that creates a tan appearance with brown buttons, a navy, white, and black check to form a blue look with contrasting cream buttons. If you’re looking for a larger pattern, go for the Scotch & Soda navy check waistcoat, which features matching dark buttons.

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