-  Tuesday, 27 October  |  Peter
Casa Moda Pullover Zip Blue
It is a pity that the fit leaves something to be desired due to the closure does not make the vest slim.
  How annoying to hear that the article was not to your liking. Would you like to contact our customer service? Then we can look for a suitable solution if necessary.   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Tuesday, 9 February  |  MvG
Blue Industry Zipper Cardigan Polo Donkergroen
Beautiful and perfectly fitting polo vest for a very attractive price and delivered within 24 hours!
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 -  Monday, 18 January  |  O.a.schulski
PME Legend Cardigan Dark Blue
fast delivery, customer-friendly, good quality and excellent fit
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 -  Wednesday, 3 March  |  Otto
PME Legend Cardigan Dark Green
very nice cardigan good fit good service
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 -  Sunday, 11 April  |  Maart
Petrol Cardigan Zipper Grey
nice sweater and good fit
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A zipper on your cardigan or jacket. That offers comfort and a confident feeling. When you have the zipper all the way up, you have a neat and businesslike look where the zipper layer gives a bit of a casual touch to your outfit. That is why Suitable all cardigans and cardigans with a zipper online for you to order in all possible colors.
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